Company overview

Trust offers its customers out sourcing services providing smart offshore staffing in Kiev, Ukraine.

As an international IT offshore staffing company, we have experts and consultants, focusing on the client work environment and the essential relevant needs. The company’s experts are carefully selected using specialized methods lead to the recruitment of the top tier experts in the fields.

Trust provides its customers with complete custom-made computer solutions.
In the current technological environment, a simple application requires comprehensive knowledge and personnel in a range of fields such as infrastructures, communication, information security, BI and more.

Ukraine provides unlimited outsourcing opportunities with its highly-skilled and responsible professionals; our software and hardware experts bring a grounded hands-on experience.

We combine cutting-edge technologies and best talents to drive global innovations.

The company’s consultants serve as the client’s technology “partners” over the life of the project or consulting period, and actually help in making and implementing the correct decisions. Consulting teams are available to the organization’s management, allowing them to work and have peace of mind.

We learned that organizations give priority to suppliers who prove a diversified ability and focus on a limited number of suppliers, so as to avoid problems with coordination, lack of communication and shunning of responsibility.

Trust answers these challenges by providing its customers with all software and hardware solutions, characterized by an optimal cost/benefit ratio, knowledge availability in all fields of information systems, flexibility and integration.

Management team

Management team

Doron Harel – Co-CEO & CTO

Doron brings to Trust 22 years of high-tech development experience. Starting as a young SW engineer, Doron advanced to VP of R&D in several innovation wireless Israeli high-tech companies. Doron brings the experience of leading large groups of employees (SW, HW, Mechanics, QA, Algo, designers, product managers, group managers, architects) to almost impossible worldwide challenges. Doron holds a computer-science BSc degree.


Management team

Shelly Naveh – Co-CEO & CHRO

Shelly brings to Trust 19 years of experience in recruitment and outsourcing. Shelly worked as a Department Manager in SQLink (2004-2018) and as an Account Manager in JobInfo 5 years beforehand.
Shelly holds an MBA in Marketing and BA in Behavioral Sciences.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .



Create your dream team with us

Trust will lead you to the best solution in Kiev.

Ukraine provides unlimited outsourcing opportunities with its highly-skilled and responsible professionals.

Over the years we learned the local hi-tech market and the specific needs of the veteran companies in the sector. Thanks to this knowledge, we manage to successfully locate and offer technological talents and experts.

Trust presents excellent credentials when it comes to deciphering complex positions and locating consultants for small, medium and large hi-tech companies, with an emphasis on positions in software and hardware, planning and production.

Effective engagement process

Trust helps its clients in a team creation process in the following ways:

  • Deep understanding of the client’s needs using our vast high-tech experience
  • Effective and fast HR recruitment process
    • Dynamic recruitment group
    • Connection to universities
    • English-speaking employees with excellent writing skills (the mentality of the Ukraine people helps to find hard working and responsible employees)
    • Unique ability to maintain employees for long periods of time
  • Possibility of bringing up short term groups
  • Engagement via monthly invoices.  No legal responsibility between client and employee.
  • Internet IP camera in each room
  • Room separations for different clients
  • Advanced PC environment
  • Remote IP phone possibility
  • 24/7 employment option
  • Attractive employee cost
  • Smooth kickoff during first employment month by massive support from our staff

Remote control employment support

Trust helps its clients in easing remote employee management and making it effective in the following ways:

  • Installation and guidance of product management tasks tools as HubSpot
  • Installation and guidance of remote communication tools as Skype and TeamViewer
  • Wide bandwidth internet connection
  • Internet IP camera in each room
  • Remote IP phone possibility
  • Weekly status meeting with the client and the employee
  • Daily connection between Trust and the employee
  • Accounts managers’ assistance
  • UKR office manager availability 24/7

Ongoing employee management

Trust helps both its client and its employees in the ongoing management period in the following ways:

Employee support:

  • HR daily support
  • IT support
  • Social management
  • Administration, office supplies, secretary, printing and kitchen supplies

Client support:

  • Full visit-Kiev-package for managers
  • Account managers for all questions
  • Remote management assistance as stated above
:Our Recruitment Partner

Our expertise

Development, architecture and design:

  • Software development: C/C++, .Net, Java, Mobile, Embedded, CRM, Algorithm, COBOL, Big data.
  • Web development: RUBY, NodeJS, Python, Full stack, PHP, Front end, Webmaster, Angular, SEO/SEM, UI/UX, Graphic design.

System DevOps:

  • DevOps, System administration, System manager, Help desk, Networking, Infrastructures, Configuration, Linux/Unix.
  • Data security, SOC/SIEM, Reverse engineering, Infrastructures, Cyber.
  • Information systems, BI development, Data analyst, System analyst, Technical support, DBA.


  • Manual, Automation, performance, low-tests, Networking, WEB, App, Cloud.

Hardware development

  • Chip design, Board design, Verification, Validation, Real time development, Algorithm development.

Project management, Product management, PMO.

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“Tceh” Office space hub, 18 Yaroslaviv Val,

Kyiv, Ukraine

Israel HQ

Akershtein Building, 9 HaMenofim Street,

Herzliya, Israel.

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Financial reward will be given to members who:

  • Recommend a new client who eventually hires at least one employee.
  • Recommend a new candidate who eventually becomes an employee.