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Europe, Israel, USA, Canada, and South Africa.


We provide unlimited one-time placement and outsourcing opportunities with our highly-skilled and responsible professionals.  Over the years, we learned about the hi-tech market and the specific needs of the companies in the sector. Thanks to this knowledge, we manage to successfully locate and recruit talents and experts for small, medium, and large hi-tech companies. Our goal is to meet your business targets by locating qualified experts either as a full outsourcing service or as a one-time placement service.

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Complete ‘one-time placement’ recruitment service, PLUS:​

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With our offshore talent sourcing services in Europe, Israel, the USA, Canada, and South Africa, 
you may add to your current team’s capabilities or build an entirely new one. 

Once we are familiar with your company’s setup, we can work together to determine the best possible cost-benefit ratio. Our model allows you to maximize your team’s performance efficiently and seamlessly. With a keen eye on the client’s work environment and the most vital relevant demands, we staff High-Tech enterprises with professionals in a wide variety of fields, from IT to non-IT (analysts to marketers and beyond).





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One-time placement


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Build your dream career with us. Work with our expert staff to improve your skills, take on new challenges, and share your unique gifts with the world. In addition to making new friends and working in a very pleasant and productive atmosphere, joining the Trust family will also provide you with a superb work-life balance thanks to a benefits package tailored to your specific needs and desires!

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