One Time Placement

One-time placement flow​

Client Kickoff

1. Identify your hiring needs
2. Preparing an effective job description

1. Holding a meeting to discuss the technical needs and cultural compatibility of the client. Building together an effective recruitment system that serves your needs.

2. Composing, discussing, and finalizing a Job description document.

Internal sourcing

3. Talent sourcing and screening​
4. Shortlisting the candidates

3. Searching in all recruit channels for the most qualified applicants for your open position and conducting in-depth interviews with them. 

4. Using the results of the screening process, find the applicants who are the best fits for the position in terms of selection criteria and ability to do the job’s required tasks 

Client interviewing

5. Interviewing and
evaluating candidates​
6. Final decision​

5. Interviewing candidates to assess applicants’ qualifications and experience.​​

6. The best applicant should be selected.

Agreement sign

7. We are here to assist you with finalizing your job offer and signing the corresponding agreement.

Benefits – why we are doing it better​

Constructing a procedure tailored to each client's unique requirements, geographic setting, and cultural norms.

The most effective recruitment process uses multiple sourcing channels and tools.

Using recruit CRM tool for accurate, fast, and effective processes (e.g. analytics reports).

Increase candidate engagement during the whole process.

High availability of our team

With our advanced skills, we can learn about the prospect and determine whether they are a good match for the position.