Outsourcing Services

To help our outsourcing clients find and employ the best talent, we provide a free ‘one-time placement’ recruitment service. 
Post hiring, our Outsourcing services include:

Post hiring, our Outsourcing services include:


Offer management & Onboarding.


Complete local employment: Custom HR care & retention strategy for each employee and best compensation and benefits packages.


High availability of a personal
HR manager for each client.


Compliance with all applicable
local laws and regulations.


Total finance coverage in terms of taxes, reports, and payments.


​IT and equipment support.

Benefits – why we are doing it better​

Saving both time and money, outsourcing is a win-win. Human resources, personnel management, payroll, benefits, and other administrative tasks may all be outsourced to a third party.

If you outsource some of your administrative work, you'll have more time to devote to strategic planning, reaching major milestones, and expanding your firm.​

Enjoy full HR welfare support by a boutique warm family company, handled by a dedicated HR manager.

Reduce time spent resolving issues and answering employees’ questions related to HR, benefits, or payment.​

Save money on hiring additional HR personnel.

Reduce onboarding costs and efforts.​

Receive support for compliance with employment laws and regulations, workplace safety, payroll, tax, and more – potentially saving your business from compliance fees and penalties.

Avoid employee-employer relations.​

Hire your staff in different countries in parallel.

Let us hire your candidates in a low cost (payroll option)